Shia Muslim Wedding The Apparent Rich and Delightful Traditional Culture

By Team: Shaadi!

Shia wedding is surprised occasion when it comes to ritual and custom ceremonies. It is more luxurious and colorful celebration than you imagine. All the invited guests, relatives and friends are having fun and loving moments together. This is a holy union of the couple as a husband and wife relationship. Shia Muslim wedding is the dominant section of Islam religion have distinctive custom and traditions during the wedding ceremonies. Shia Muslim history is a rich and highly traditional culture. Shia matrimonial occasions are really celebrated with full of celebrations and arrangements that make wedding day so special.
On this auspicious day the Muslim bride and groom spends awesome moments of their life in this holy union. The couple has a grand party or function to enjoy such moments together. There are two types of significant marriages in Shia Islam that one refers the simplest form of marriage is known as ‘Nikah’. And the temporary Shia wedding is called ‘Mutah’. Nikah and Mutah initially demands for Aqd and Mehar.

Shia Muslim Wedding Ceremonies

Aqd Refers the exchange of marital promises between the man and women or assembled guests and relatives. This is matrimony proposal by the first party and this is accepted by the second party. All the custom formalities are conducted in a proper way.

Mahr is a big day deal arranged on the wedding day wherein the groom commits to offer a large amount of money and jewelry to the bride. It is the exchange of marital vows.

Shia wedding ceremony has no witness formalities to wed the couple. A father and grandfather’s permission is really important for the virgin girl to get married. Shia wedding ceremony comprises six verses are mandatory part that publicly delivered. It takes a long time.

What makes Shia Muslim Wedding big day special?

This is very first ceremony comes with fresh ideas of celebrations whereupon elders recites traditional & religious songs to give blessings to the couple. They will have music Masti and dance to enjoy precious moments of Shia Muslim matrimony.

Shia Muslims believe in the temporary conducted wedding known as ‘Nikah Al Mutah’. The Muslim couple commits a bond for a fixed time duration, they live together after this timeline they can freely live their life.

Rasme Mehndiis an evening celebration when all the guests and neighbor ladies are invited in this wedding ceremony. The houses are decorated with dazzling light, paintings and ornamental flowers. Mehndi is pasted on the bride’s palms and feet this increase her beauty. Brides are much fond of pasting Mehndi.

This is very significant wherein the couple has really come in holy relationship by following religious and cultural practices. There are no witnesses for repeating the contract because Shia Muslim considers the marriage occasion as a sacred relationship doesn’t require any formality.

Shia Muslims are the followers of the holy book Quran and its teaching and morals are the essence of their life. When the couple leaves the wedding venue they put the holy Quran on their heads and come inside out. It seems like blessings of God for their new life journey. Rukhsati is the ultimate custom step when a couple takes a departure from the wedding venue towards their new home.

In the Shia temporary marriage, there is no divorce facility, whether once you have accepted the marriage term thus you have lived together till the last date of this timeline. Husband is authorized to end this process in between by saying, I forgo the commitment. In Shia Muslim, even if husband gives divorce, the statement is My wife is divorced and later on if through the attorney, the wife of my client is divorced. The three divorce declarations are necessary to break the relationship.